Vernier Software & Technology is Now Vernier Science Education

Vernier Science Education is dedicated to providing holistic, high-quality, and reliable solutions for today’s STEM classrooms.

Introducing Vernier Science Education

Our new name reflects who we have always been.
We are a science education company.
We are Vernier Science Education.

Our founders, Dave and Christine Vernier, have always been passionate about science education. Dave taught high school physics and physical science for years—and providing science educators with tools that help them teach students more effectively has been a guiding principle at Vernier since the very beginning. More than four decades later, the company offers reliable and high-quality hardware, software, content, professional development, and technical support. As a trusted partner to educators, Vernier is excited to announce a new name that better reflects our commitment to providing educators with the tools they need to engage students with hands-on, socially relevant science education.

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“We believe in partnering with teachers and communities to build a STEM-literate society—a society where all students grow up to become citizens who can solve complex problems and contribute to their communities while driving innovation.”

Olga Vargas, Vernier Science Education

Committed to Partnering with Educators and Communities to Build a STEM-literate Society

By focusing on STEM literacy, Vernier is committed to using our experience in science education to help students become knowledgeable citizens who can solve problems, contribute to their communities, and drive innovation. The future requires new tools and teaching approaches to ensure we are developing creative problem solvers and STEM-literate citizens.

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Occupations and wages in STEM and STEM-related fields are growing, yet many employers are struggling to fill these high-paying jobs.

Additionally, 21st-century skills (such as critical thinking, communication, creativity, flexibility, having initiative, and having a positive attitude and work ethic) are essential for success in college and careers—and these skills are all related to high-quality STEM learning experiences.

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Student using Vernier hardware

For students to feel that they are authentically engaged in learning, STEM education must reflect their cultural and lived experiences.

While knowledge of each individual component of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) is important, STEM teaching needs an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to prepare students for college, careers, and life.

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To support educators in meeting these needs, we’re updating hundreds of Vernier experiments and investigations to ensure they are meaningful to all students. We are also building a web-based platform that brings together our data-collection tools, new and updated investigations and experiments, and formative assessments to support educators in engaging all students with hands-on, socially relevant science education.

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Join Us in the Vernier STEM Classroom

Vernier Science Education is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions for today’s STEM classrooms. Our comprehensive solutions include hardware, software, content, assessment, professional development, and technical support. Together, they form the Vernier STEM Classroom.

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Shaping the Future of Learning by Building on Our 40-Plus Years in Science Education

Vernier Science Education is committed to using our experience, knowledge, and passion to create the best and most reliable solutions for STEM education. Through the years, educators have relied on our hardware, software, content, professional development, and technical support. As technology and teaching approaches continue to evolve, Vernier remains steadfast in our commitment to being an authentic and trusted partner in science education.

Since 1981, educators have partnered with us to inspire students through STEM education. Listen as our co-founders and vice president of innovation share their experiences, the values we’ve carried forward, and why it’s so important to celebrate milestones along the way—both in business and the classroom.

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Science Education for All

We empower educators with world-class data-collection technology and innovative experiments. Our mission is to provide educators with the tools they need to encourage scientific curiosity in all students. See what partnering with us can do.

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